British Soldier Killed in Machete Attack in London

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(Image Source: ITV)



A developing story coming out of London — a possible terror attack has left one person dead and two injured. ITV has exclusive footage of who is believed to be one of two attackers. We warn you, the images are graphic.


“A man with bloodied hands carrying a knife and machete approaches a camera…”

“I’m sorry the women had to witness this today but in our land our women have to see this every day. Remove your government they don’t care about you.”


It is reported the victim was attacked with a machete and possibly shot. The incident happened just after two o'clock London time on Wednesday afternoon. (Via BBC)


The Telegraph talked to a taxi driver who witnessed the attack. He said, he saw a black car swerve off the pavement and crash, before two men got out with weapons… ‘Some people were panicking, as you would when people start swinging machetes around. It's pretty shocking.’"


Although details are still scarce, London police held a brief press conference.


“Firearms officers attended the scene, on arrival they found a man who was later pronounced dead… Two men, who we believe from earlier reports to have been carrying weapons, were shot by police.” (Via Sky News)


Those suspects were taken to separate hospitals where they are being treated for their injuries. The U.K.’s Channel Five information reviews it has been demonstrated that the person killed within the assault used to be a serving soldier.


“My working out is that it did contain an absolutely unprovoked assault… That is a neighborhood the place there’s a sure relationship between the military and the area people and this adventure is deeply stunning as a result of that.”


The assault used to be additionally close to a faculty however no college youngsters have been stated injured.