Taco Bell Testing New Dollar Menu

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(Image source: Washington City Paper)






Taco Bell is testing out a new menu, and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Doritos.


“Sacramento is a test location for Taco Bell’s new menu. It has 12 items and is being called the $1 Cravings menu. It’s also being tested in Kansas City before going national.” (Via KMAX)


The new menu features a flat $1 pricing scheme, as opposed to the tiered system like the one Taco Bell currently offers on its “Why Pay More” menu.


Taco Bell’s coming to the party a little late, though. McDonalds and Burger King have been enticing customers to enter the store with value menus for years.


“The Whopper Jr. is only $1.29. You can buy a McDouble, Wendy’s chicken nuggets or Whopper Jr. all for around a buck.” (Via ABC)


A San Diego State marketing professor says fast food giants have been using value menus to bring more people into the store because, simply enough, more customers result in more sales. (Via KNSD)


A writer for MSN says, “If a consumer a lot as tacks on a $1 churro to their Doritos Locos Taco order, Taco Bell may have efficiently chummed the waters with its discount bait.”


Taco Bell hasn’t but introduced if and when the menu will launch nationally, however unless then the menu will most effective be to be had in Sacramento and Kansas Metropolis.