Two Decades-Old Cars Found in Lake With 6 Bodies Inside

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(Image source: The Elk City Daily News)






Oklahoma police pulled two decades-old cars from a lake with six skeletons inside — and they believe the bodies could solve a pair of cold cases that have stumped local authorities for years.


Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials found the vehicles while testing new sonar equipment at Foss Lake near the tiny town of Foss, Okla. (Via KDFW)


“We were pretty surprised. We had no clue what we were going to find when we pulled them up.” (Via KOKH)


At first, police thought the cars were just stolen vehicles that were pushed into the lake. But once they found a skull inside one of the cars, they knew they stumbled upon something significant.


One of the mud-covered cars, a blue 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, appears to be associated with the disappearance of three students at a local high school. They were last seen on Nov. 20, 1970. (Via The Daily Buzz)


And the other vehicle, a Chevrolet as well, could belong to a couple last seen about 10 miles south of the lake in the early 1960s. (Via BBC)


Officials at the scene were able to identify one of the three bodies in the Camaro, but they will refrain from releasing any of the victims’ names until their families are notified.


The medical examiner is currently working to identify the other five bodies found at the scene. (Via KWTV)


Household of the lacking victims gathered round whereas police took proof from the vehicles. These relations wouldn’t go on digital camera however instructed newshounds they hope police can resolve their a long time-outdated mysteries.